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Pros: The head shot of Samus in panel 1 is very detailed and dynamic, you made sure to to get every curve and groove correct. The flow of events between panels 2 and 3 are done well and have no continuity errors. And the flow of facial expressions is spot on in panels 2 & 3.

Cons: I know that you said up front that the outlining for the pages would be sketchy for time reasons, and for the most part it's unnoticeable in large scenes like panels 2 & 3 but for close ups like panel 1 it becomes very noticeable. Its more of a nitpick than a complaint but I thought I'd give my two cents about that.

Overall it is a very solid page that delivers cute comedy a dynamic close up of Samus. I cannot wait for the next panel, and hope this critique is helpful.
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