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Moe Summons 1: Una The Little Cyclops by PhantomSkyler Moe Summons 1: Una The Little Cyclops by PhantomSkyler
Bio: Una's always been a lonely girl (being a cyclops who lives out in a cave with sheep can do that) and always wanting to meet new people, but also afraid of it at the same time. She's rather gentle for a cyclops, preferring to care for her sheep instead of eating them. While she's not a vegetarian, she has said that she "cannot eat something as cute as her sheepies." While demure and shy around new people, do NOT mistake that for weakness. Because if you frighten her or threaten her sheepies, she WILL tear you a new one...Then apologize after the fact.

My entry for a contest Lootcrate is doing for their "Summons" theme for this month. After talking with some friends I decided to go with a cute shy cyclops girl. XD

If anyone feels inclinded they can vote for this cutie to win here:  If you do vote, thank you very much! It's much appreciated. :D Just click the heart icon at the bottom of the image. ^^

But now I think I'll continue this, regardless of the contest. This is my entry yeah, but I think I'll make a few more for fun, making some adorable moe summon creatures. XD
ElenaMegan Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I'd think she's cute and I would love to be her friend! :D

Also, sheepies. XD
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September 2, 2015
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